'Oil' Tell you the Best Place to Try Olive Oil

'Oil' Tell you the Best Place to Try Olive Oil

March 02, 2020

For some, Napa Valley is all about the wine tasting. But for those that do not have the palette for wine, or maybe have just had a little bit too much on their trip so far, we suggest you move over to olive oil tasting. Olive trees and vineyards typically go hand in hand, where you find vineyards, you will usually find olive trees. The mild climate and dry soil are an ideal breeding ground for these little stone fruits to thrive. Much like wine, artisan olive oil has many different aromas and flavors. The varying degrees of oils fall between delicate to intense, and there are many different ways to taste these oils. The most traditional and proper way to taste olive oil is to sip it just like you would wine or beer, this method allows for you to get the purest flavor possible. If oil tasting sounds like it might be up your alley, come see us at the front desk to learn about a few of our favorite estates nearby! 

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