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A Truffle Kind of Weekend in Napa

A Truffle Kind of Weekend in Napa

January 07, 2019

What is the second best flavor after our beloved vino? You guessed it... truffle! And no, we're not talking the dessert. It's all about the mushrooms here in Napa. And because we love these little truffles so much, we’ve dedicated an entire weekend in their honor. If you don’t already know, the truffle business is a big one all around the world, and they predominately come from Europe. In fact, it is such a big business that some of these special mushrooms could price upwards of $3,000 per pound!

On January 18th, Napa’s 9th Annual Truffle Festival will commence and the weekend will consist of all sorts of wild truffles, truffle and wine pairings, and the best of the best in Michelin star chefs! There is nothing better than a crisp glass of wine and an exquisite meal, which is precisely what we specialize in, here in Northern California.

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