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All Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

October 22,2021
two glasses of red wine on white cloth covered table

With five towns to cover—Calistoga, St. Helene, Yountville, Napa, and American Canyon—a full immersion into each unique pocket of Napa Valley wine country is no small feat. From the wineries, to the fine dining, to the rolling hills and grassy fields, it’s an undertaking that requires skill, advance planning, and dedication. Or, better yet: a day trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train. 

Made up of faithfully restored vintage 20th century Pullman cars, from the moment you step onto the elegant Napa Valley Wine Train, you’re instantly transported into another world. A world where the wine flows easily, the vistas look like they’re straight out of a painting, and the charm of the old world lulls you into a sense of easy contentment. 

The 36-mile round trip takes you to St. Helena and back, with quick stops at famous wineries along the way, giving you the chance to sample from some of the most fertile vineyards in America. Onboard, the gourmet, four-course meal pairs your view of the Napa countryside with a sophisticated meal—and some more wine, of course. 

Napa Valley Lodge is the perfect homebase for your wine country adventures. Book your stay today and prepare for an experience in indulgence and ease you can’t get anywhere else.

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