Harvest Season is Here

September 03, 2018

Believe it or not, Harvest Season is here. September marks the beginning of perfect weather and even better wine! All of the local wineries are on the up and up, collecting their grapes and releasing their best wines for their guests. Be sure to sneak into one of the fun Harvest events from now until November. There is nothing quite like watching the gathering and crushing of freshly plucked wine grapes. The best part about attending a Harvest Release party is the release of a brand-new, exclusive wine. It's so fun to be the first one sipping on a wine that has yet to be released to the rest of the world. Pack your sparkly dress and your drinking heels, it's time to spike those grapes and be one with the Napa Valley spirit. We can’t wait to see you this Harvest Season!

In support of our community, Napa Valley Lodge is temporarily closed with plans to reopen in April. Please click on book now to check availability.

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