Hiking on Hills of Napa Valley

March 05, 2018

Take it to the trails and bring in all the fresh spring air on your next trip to Napa. Strap up your hiking boots because there are tons of lush and dusty trails to choose from. Napa is known for its wine, but the same great coastal climate that produces those delicious grapes has also created a scrumptious environment for hiking. 

Redwoods, eucalypts trees and wide-open spaces are what make up the trails in Northern California, and because of its cool temperatures, hiking in this region is completely comfortable and not too hot. Swing by Bothe Napa Valley State Park and take on the highest summit in California Wine Country, part of Mount Saint Helena range. If a dip is what you prefer, stride along the Mount George Waterfall Hike, a more challenging walk with a giant reward. There is so much to see and do in Napa, don’t miss out on the wild side of this area!

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