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Our love for Yountville runs deep, so it's always a pleasure to share our knowledge with our guests. From hotel happenings to local off-the-beaten-path Yountville attractions, here are our curated suggestions and recommendations on how to get the most out of your stay.

V Marketplace: A Unique Retail Experience

June 13,2022
woman in a dress riding a bike on the sidewalk

Today, the complex’s many buildings, which remain largely unaltered since the 19th century, house a series of specialty shops, galleries, restaurants, and other venues known as V Marketplace (or, The Shops at the Marketplace). During your visit, you can browse boutique apparel, home goods, and gardening accessories; find the perfect painting to display in your living room or office; dine on sumptuous authentic Italian cuisine; sample exclusive wines from the extensive wine cellar; and even take to the skies in a hot air balloon! Across the grounds, 19th-century charm abounds in the meticulously preserved architecture and elegantly manicured gardens. Whether you plan to spend big at the shops or just roam the winding cobblestone paths beneath the warm summer sun, V Marketplace is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon in paradise.

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