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Yountville is All Hearts In February

February 13,2024
a person holding a small turtle

As February unfolds its romantic charm, Yountville transforms into a haven for seekers of love and artistry. This Mustard Season, the town extends a warm invitation to "Find Your HEART in Yountville." Starting from February 3rd and 4th, and continuing throughout the month on subsequent weekends, Yountville Arts initiates a delightful treasure hunt.

Along the famed Art Walk, adorned with 38 sculptures, intricately crafted glass hearts await discovery. These heartwarming tokens, skillfully crafted by Napa Valley glass artist Patti Wessman, add a touch of magic to the town's ambiance. Scattered throughout Yountville, these 300 glass hearts beckon to be found, serving as cherished mementos of the town dubbed 'The Heart of the Napa Valley.'

Amidst the hunt, February 17th marks a special day, as a vibrant yellow glass heart hides in celebration of Yountville's participation in the 2024 Napa Valley Mustard Celebration. A coveted prize awaits the fortunate finder of this unique heart.

For those eager to embark on this whimsical journey, Art Walk maps are readily available at the Yountville Community Center and the Yountville Welcome Center. Join the fun this February!

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