yountville attractions & more

Our love for Yountville runs deep, so it's always a pleasure to share our knowledge with our guests. From hotel happenings to local off-the-beaten-path Yountville attractions, here are our curated suggestions and recommendations on how to get the most out of your stay.

a person's hand reaching for food
a group of ducks on a rock in the water
a group of people cooking in a kitchen
a field of yellow flowers
a person holding a small turtle
a room with tables and chairs
a glass of wine next to a plate of food
a road lined with trees
a person eating a plate of food
a person standing next to a glass of wine
a group of people sitting around a fire pit
a road with a row of trees and hot air balloons in the sky
a person wearing red boots and jumping in the air
a field of flowers
Close up of two bottles of Cavernet Sauvignon wine with a lovely label
two men walking outside
A woman and a man chatting and drinking next to the Napa vineyard
pool with lawn umbrellas and seating
woman in a dress riding a bike on the sidewalk
man in grey sweater pouring a glass of red wine at a vineyard
close up shot of a man playing golf and making the shot
group of friends hiking
air balloon over vineyard with house in background
woman looking at art
Christmas wreath making
woman in art gallery
two glasses of red wine on white cloth covered table
woman holding a glass of wine in vineyard
friends smiling and drinking beer
pool with lawn umbrellas and seating
overhead look of a coffee bar with people ordering coffee
woman opening car door
little girl holding plant
group of friends hiking
romantic valentines day dinner
girls in robes drinking tea
couple with christmas gift
woman in art gallery
wine cellar with wine bottle and glasses
sunset bike ride in vineyard
cooking class
hot air balloons over mountains
wine country road
Harvested olives
Woman looking at modern painting
Sunrise over a foggy vineyard
smiling girl holding sparklers,
couple at red carpet award show
pencil sketch drawing
group of friends laughing and looking at a map
three girls running with an american flag in a park
multiple wine glasses filled with rose
concert goers
saxophone player in front of a piano
wine and cheese board
truffles on chefs board
people holding sparklers and champagne flutes