• 'Oil' Tell you the Best Place to Try Olive Oil

    For some, Napa Valley is all about the wine tasting. But for those that do not have the palette for wine, or maybe have just had a little bit too... Read more

  • Don't Forget to Stop by Downtown Napa

    We know visiting Napa is all about the wine and vineyards, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t push you to check out what's going on in... Read more

  • Bring on Winter Season in Napa Valley

    It’s a new season in the valley, which means there are tons of great events happening all month long. Napa is the perfect place to vacation, especially in January. The... Read more

  • It Takes a Village to Create a Little Holiday Magic

    Yountville is an expansive town in the Napa Valley area. It is constantly growing, reshaping, and keeping up with what is trendy and fun to do in the wine region.... Read more

  • Find Yourself at Napa's Film Festival

    Napa Valley may be one of the more unlikely of places to experience a film festival, but in retrospect, it seems like it might be the most perfect setting. Wine... Read more

  • Vineyard for One?

    It’s true that Napa Valley is a notable destination for groups of girlfriends and couples, but it's also the perfect destination for a solo vacation! If you have been dreaming... Read more

  • You Schuelz Take a Peek at This Museum

    It’s comical to think that you would come all the way to Northern California and not make a pitstop at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Just a quick drive away... Read more

  • Sip & Stroll Your Way into the Heart of Yountville

    We’ve told you about the Yountville Art Walk, but did you know the city has added wine stops along the way? It is Napa after all! With over 60 different... Read more

  • Juggle All of These Fun & Fabulous Events This July

    It’s no surprise that when you think of California Wine Country, you immediately think of Napa County. All year long Napa is buzzing with fun things to do, but it... Read more

  • Pink Wine Pleases Palettes and Patients

    Did someone say Rosé? Yes way Rosé, we did! We love that this dry pink wine has become such a trend all over the United States. We will take any... Read more

  • Sing with the Songbirds This Summer in Napa

    Summer is officially here, which means we are ready for sunshine, summer wine, and a whole lot of live music! Two of our favorite events are kicking off the summer... Read more

  • Visit Napa's Market Place

    We think it's safe to say that anyone who decides to visit Napa is a certified foodie. One of the best places for any food lover to visit while in... Read more

  • Jump Into the Jazz Scene in Napa

    There are hundreds of reasons why you should visit Napa, but would you ever guess that one of them is for the music? One of our favorite things to do... Read more

  • Nosh on the Best of the Best in Napa

    Napa is all about the food and wine baby! But how on earth can you get a taste of all the delicious places you are dying to try in just... Read more

  • A Truffle Kind of Weekend in Napa

    What is the second best flavor after our beloved vino? You guessed it... truffle! And no, we're not talking the dessert. It's all about the mushrooms here in Napa. And... Read more

  • Sparkling Wine Is a Hit During the Holidays

    With the year coming to a close and all the holiday festivities coming up, it's only fair to share with you the best places in Napa Valley to sip on... Read more

  • All Aboard the Santa Train!

    Once November hits the calendar it's all fun and games for the rest of the year!... Read more

  • It's Spooky Season in Napa Valley

    Here in Wine Country, fall has become one of our favorite seasons. Each year we look forward to the harvest of our grapes and all the fun activities and events that come along with it.... Read more

  • Harvest Season is Here

    Believe it or not, Harvest Season is here. September marks the beginning of perfect weather and even better wine!... Read more

  • Hire a Driver in Wine Country

    It’s no secret that people flock to Napa Valley for the wine, we've developed quite the reputation. ... Read more

  • Join the Crowd in July for Porchfest!

    What is it about July that makes us really feel the effects of summer? ... Read more

  • Creating Classic Dishes over Chianti

    Napa Valley is all about the food and wine. And it's no secret that people from all around the world flock to this region just to get a bite out of what's going on.... Read more

  • Make Yourself at Home With a Mud Bath

    Get down and dirty on your trip to Napa by visiting the local mud baths in the area.... Read more

  • Renewing Napa on Earth Day

    It's true when they say it takes a village, and this April that's exactly what Napa needs. ... Read more

  • Hiking on Hills of Napa Valley

    Take it to the trails and bring in all the fresh spring air on your next trip to Napa.... Read more

  • Marathon Among Merlot Vines

    Crank your Napa Valley stay up a notch and sign up for the highly anticipated Napa Valley Marathon. ... Read more

  • Keep Track of Craft Beer in the Valley

    *Pop* Fizz* is not just the sound that champagne makes after you push out the cork — consider sipping on something a little more crafty during your time in Napa Valley, at one of the many micro breweries that are popping up all over town! ... Read more

  • Light Up on the Holiday Trolley

    The holidays are here! Bundle up and jump right into the season by hoping onto the Holiday Trolley at Oxbow Market. ... Read more

  • Put Your Foot Forward for Wildfire Prevention

    Northern California is a nature and wildlife mecca. Sustaining and preserving our environment is on the top of our list every single day.... Read more

  • Pick Out A Patch in Napa

    Take your pick at the pumpkin patch. We love October for the harvested grapes, gorgeous fall skies, and of course, all of the exciting autumn activities. Get yourself into the holiday spirit and check out one of the many pumpkin patches that are popping up all over the valley. ... Read more

  • Harvest Your Tastebuds

    As the summer comes to a close, Napa Valley begins to light up with life — harvest season is among us and it will be going strong through the end of October.... Read more

  • Poolside in the Valley

    Wrap up your summer stay with a long lounge day by the pool in the August heat. The dry warm air is perfect for a relaxing day poolside with a crisp glass of wine in hand!... Read more

  • Art Walk in Yountville

    You cannot beat the weather in Northern California — it produces the best grapes, allows for any kind of fashion, and is the perfect walking weather.... Read more

  • Nirvana in the Vineyards

    Greet this years Summer Solstice with your best sun salutation at the Robert Mondavi Winery on June 20th.... Read more

  • Music in the Valley

    When the words Napa Valley are uttered, the first thing that comes to mind are rolling vineyards and snapshots of you and your friends sipping crisp Sauvignon Blanc, whilst enjoying the warm sun on your skin.... Read more

  • Cruising in the Valley

    Napa Valley is a place of pure pleasure — winding roads, crushed grapes and dry mountain ranges.... Read more

  • A Thousand Feet Above the Valley

    Experience Napa from a whole new level. Being deep in the valley is incredible, but have you ever though about playing among the clouds? ... Read more

  • A Napa Valley Escape

    When Napa Valley is on the agenda, you can expect that your trip will be nothing short of exceptional.... Read more

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