Put Your Foot Forward for Wildfire Prevention

November 05, 2017

Northern California is a nature and wildlife mecca. We love everything outdoors — you may even want to call us addicted. Sustaining and preserving our environment is on the top of our list every single day. Since the wildfires that have hit our community, we thought it was important to share some of our favorite tips for the next time you visit our beautiful state. 

  1. 1. Always bring some sort of extinguishing equipment with you to your next campfire. Choose between a bucket of water, a shovel, a hose nearby or even a fire extinguisher. 
  2. 2. Be sure to acknowledge local laws and gusty winds so you too can be a responsible campfire creator. 
  3. 3. Most importantly, always have an escape route in the back of your mind. Wildfires spread far at a fast pace, and it’s important to protect yourself in case of an emergency situation.  
  4. To learn more tips and tricks for forest fire prevention and safety, visit Prevent Wildfire CA — and be the best nature lover you can be!

In support of our community, Napa Valley Lodge is temporarily closed with plans to reopen in May. Please click on book now to check availability.

Thank You