Music in the Valley

May 01, 2017

When the words Napa Valley are uttered, the first thing that comes to mind are rolling vineyards and snapshots of you and your friends sipping crisp Sauvignon Blanc, whilst enjoying the warm sun on your skin. It is a purest of day dreams one can have. However, to take Napa Valley at face value would be the same as observing the ocean from the shore. The best parts of the county lie within the depths of its communities! 

One of the sweetest towns in the area is Calistoga — a community full of life. Every Thursday this tiny wine town puts on a concert in the park for all to enjoy. Locals and tourists are mingled intermittently while lounging on their blankets, eating snacks and popping champagne. The weekly concert in Pioneer Park is the essence of Calistoga, a little dive into the deep valley that is the heart of Napa.

In support of our community, Napa Valley Lodge is temporarily closed with plans to reopen in May. Please click on book now to check availability.

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