Make Yourself at Home With a Mud Bath

May 07, 2018

Get down and dirty on your trip to Napa by visiting the local mud baths in the area. Natural hot springs are sprinkled all around Napa County and have been adopted by spas in the area for decades. The same rich soil that produces delicious grapes for wine is also great for your skin and body. The dirt in Napa is mixed with volcanic ash and other nutrients that help you and your skin detox, making it the perfect way to treat yourself towards the end of your vacation. 

All of the mud spas in Napa are totally different, you can find mud baths that are luxurious and elegant or you can find ones that are eclectic and functional. No matter the type of bath you settle on, the benefits will always be the same. Sink into relaxation and try these ancient-approved spas!

In support of our community, Napa Valley Lodge is temporarily closed with plans to reopen in April. Please click on book now to check availability.

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