A Thousand Feet Above the Valley

A Thousand Feet Above the Valley

March 06, 2017

Experience Napa from a whole new level. Being deep in the valley is incredible, but have you ever though about playing among the clouds? Hot air ballooning is a magical way to see Napa Valley County. An early start to the morning is required, but entirely worth it once the sun begins to rise and the world is two-thousand feet beneath you. 

Aloft will elevate your trip by taking you on a tour with others or by helping you create your own personal experience. Depending on the weather you will catch views of the several mountain ranges. If you are fortunate enough to experience a morning with delicate winds, you may just catch a glimpse of San Francisco too. End your morning with a serene breakfast and a few sips of bubbly. A ride of your life that will make your time in Napa Valley completely unforgettable.

Website: www.nvaloft.com

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