Cruising in the Valley

April 06, 2017

Napa Valley is a place of pure pleasure — winding roads, crushed grapes and dry mountain ranges. The crunchy clay and crisp air are among our favorite things this little part of the world has to offer. There are so many ways to delve into the valley, it is hard to decide what to do first. One of our favorite ways to explore Napa is aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train.

These tours are the perfect activity for those that want to see staple wineries while still catching a great view of the landscape. Traveling by train will provide a unique perspective that driving cannot; and there are six different types of winery tours and five dining tours that bring you all through the valley in a one-hundred year old rail car. Take a step back into time and relax among the harvest, while the Wine Train takes care of the rest. 

In support of our community, Napa Valley Lodge is temporarily closed with plans to reopen in May. Please click on book now to check availability.

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