Facials & Body Treatments

Fabulous Facial Massage

60 Minutes - $120 | 90 Minutes - $180 | 120 Minutes- $240 

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, nourish and protect with antioxidant grape seed products. This facial is designed to protect your skin from free radical damage, giving you a radiant glow.  Shoulder, neck, hand, and foot massage are included.  The 90 or 120-minute sessions incorporate a full body massage.

Lavish Me With Lavender 

90 Minutes - $175 | 120 Minutes- $230

This cell-cleansing body mitt exfoliation stimulates lymph flow and prepares your skin for deep hydration. The treatment finishes with a lavender body balm massage.  A 30 minute mini-facial can be included in the 120 minute treatment. 

 Rose Butter Renewal

90 Minutes - $180 | 120 Minutes- $240

This treatment for the entire body starts with an exfoliation of the skin, the pH is balanced with a lavender-rose toner and a rejuvenating massage with a grape seed base.  Rose petal body butter adds deep hydration and concludes with a refreshing mini-facial.